Recommended reading

I’m truly pumped you are here on this page right now! It means that you want to expand your mind and broaden your horizons with me!

These books are ones that I have read and consider foundational to anyone interested in understanding and advocating for a free and prosperous society.

Bastiat’s “The Law” is a short cogent read that elucidates the importance of the rule of law, establishing how it is foundational to and a requisite of a free and civil society. He also puts forth, unambiguously, how the abandonment of the law by a people and their government lead to plunder and tyranny. Anyone serious about liberty and it’s progeny of civility, prosperity, and an orderly democracy should read this book.

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a book that hardly needs an introduction. I’m including it here primarily for it’s sustained emphasis on the importance of communication. Without the ability to effectively communicate, no matter how wonderful, how pioneering, or how pertinent our ideas may be, we will fall short if we can not communicate them effectively to our intended audiences. One outstanding “takeaway” among many is this axiom: “We must first seek to understand before we seek to be understood” Implementing that simple yet profound maxim into our lives will yield innumerable results and iprovements in our relations with others. This is an absolute must read.

“Thank you for Arguing” was a transformative read for me many years ago. So often we, when arguing or debating with others, first seek to assign blame for a perceived wrong. While useful in certain circumstances, overwhelmingly it proves counterproductive and inhibits what should be the true goal of argument: coming to a mutually acceptable conclusion about future actions and behavior. If we shift our focus on how we can forge ahead together instead of acting like a trial lawyer, we will experience a new richness in our reltionships and a drastically improved repetoire of communication habits.

“The Ethics of Liberty” by Murray Rothbard is a trenchant treatment of the philospohical and ethical underpinnings of liberty. This is a deeper exploration of the concepts discussed in “The Law”. While I don’t agree with Rothbard lockstep  his work here is expremely instructive and helpful in bolstering a liberty oriented wordview.

“First Principles” by famed economist and Stanford University professor, Dr. John Taylor is a beautiful and pragmatic discussion of the principles and policies required for a prosperous economy. He links policy interventions inextricably with their outcomes and provides proposals and guidance on how limited governmental involvement, a predicatable policy framework, and a stable central banking system help provide the foundation for a free market economy to operate successfully for everyone. Taylor is also the person responsbile for the eminent “Taylor rule” used as a normative guide for rules based monetary policy. You don’t need to be a trained economist to read this book. The language is non technical and straighforward in an easy to read format.

“The road to Serfdom” is an absolutely classic work in political economy, intellectual history and philosophy, and economics, Hayek adamantly warns against what has resurfaced now as “democratic socialism” and in reality is the extreme dangers of state control over the means of production, a story of which we need see no more examples of the destruction, loss of life and catastrophy it has bestowed upon human history. Hayek, vociferously instructs us against the collectivist idea of entrusting the central government with  economic controls and shows that such do not lead to the supposed collectivist utopia, but instead lead to the types of nightmares seen in Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.

“The Morality of Capitalism” is a collection of essays highlighting real world examples of how a free market economy based on voluntary exchange is in fact the most moral and “good” economic system ever conceived and tested by humankind. It is a short and easy read while being tremendously insightful!

“Liberty Defined” is a masterpiece by the man responsbile for opening my eyes to the fruits of liberty. Dr. Ron Paul has been a stalwart and impetus in the growing tide of liberty that is sweeping the nation.