Training Log Update Week of January 8, 2018


A New Year with no new training goals….


I’m still training for the completion of the 600lb squat, 6 minute mile run, and 600lb deadlift Challenge.  The goal is to complete all of these feats on the same day. It’s a tall order and I’m still training to get there.

So far my best performance on the same day is a 525lb squat, a 7 minute mile, and a 535 deadlift.  In training on separate days I have hit a 550lb squat, a 6:36 mile, and a 585 deadlift. Close, but not quit there….

So, this year I am continuing on. I’ll log my training and progress and one day the successful completion of this challenge.

Week 1


Squats and Run


405 x 1

275 x 5 x 10 (Five sets of Ten)

Interval Run

6 minute warmup @ 12:00/mile pace then 10 rounds of 60 seconds @90% and 60 seconds walking and a 6 minute cooldown @ 12:00/mile


Track Run and JiuJitsu

3 mile progression run

Mile 1 @ 9:21

Mile 2 @ 8:46

Mile 3 @ 8:33

Great No-gi class working on Kimura variations and finished with 4 hard rolls.



Bench and Krav Maga

All reps paused:

315 x 3

200 x 5 x 10

T-bar rows

2 plates x 5 x 10


4 x 5

Krav Maga – Choke defenses, front kicks, boxing combinations



Outdoor run and JiuJitsu

37:18 for 3 miles @ 12:26

Gi class, takedowns and back tack with choke subs from top turtle




455 x 5

315 x 3 x 10


4 x 5



Long run

1:06:43 over 3.29 miles @ 20:17/mile at PC Park – snow covered trails







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