“United We Stand, Divided We Fall” Our common bonds in Christ Jesus and Secular Humanity


This is the message the underpins it all. This is the most important thing that I will ever say to any of you. We have never been more divided as a nation since the Civil War. This need not be the case. Join me in this video for an exploration on the common bonds that unite us and how, by focusing on coming together, we can restore our families, communities, states and nation to true greatness.

One thought on ““United We Stand, Divided We Fall” Our common bonds in Christ Jesus and Secular Humanity

  1. This is so true! Thank you for saying it; may God raise up more voices with the same message…
    One of the interesting things I’ve also noticed about the lack of unity (whether it is politically, in the church, in differing approaches to business, between friends, in a family or marriage, etc.) is that, when you boil it down, there always seem to be only two sides. There is a side that believes truth, justice (with the idea of their being punishment for wrongdoing), discipline, and unbending standards are paramount, no matter who it offends or injures (this side is also usually more task-oriented and “productive” by measurable standards). Then there is the other side that believes love, mercy, “freedom” (making choices based on how something makes one feel), and having a tolerant, open, understanding mind is the answer to everything (this side also seems to be more relational-oriented and “relaxed” in their approach to life). But the two sides were never meant to be polarized. They were meant to be united. In fact, they ARE united in God (obviously, I’m not referring to the selfish, satanic influence of sin that so often permeates either side in humanity, but the perfect strengths of both that come from the heart of a perfect God). Psalm 85:10 and Psalm 96:6 are a couple of my favorite verses that deal with this idea, but there are so many more. As we seek to know Him more, through Christ, He will establish that unity in us.

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